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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Today, I have a research about Ruby on Rails, it’s take a time to research, resolve some problem when install ruby on rails. So, I list all steps necessary to set up without any error. Just follow it.

1. Download & install Ruby in C:\Ruby192

2. Download Gem

3. Download Rails

4. Download SQLite, if not you will see the error when start server 🙂

5. Copy Gem & Rails to folder C:\Ruby192, then extract all

6. Run command: “ruby setup.rb” & “gem install rails”

7.Run command to create web application: “rails new myapp” , it will create folder myapp in Gem folder

8. Run command to install require gem: “bundle install”

9. Extract SQLite and copy all extracted file to C:\Ruby192\bin

10. Run command: “cd myapp” & “rails server”

11. Open browser, and go to “http://localhost:3000”

Done. Hope you can easily setup your web app. 🙂


I and my friend using wordpress blog 3.0.4 with theme Fashion Peal, and cannot display thumbnail in homepage. We checked permission WRITE and see it’s ok.

But we researched on google and so lucky, we  found the problem. 🙂

The reason is we use IIS6, the PHP GD Library is not Active. So that, we must update the php.ini by removing the comma:

If we use XAMPP, maybe this problem never happens . haha.

To solve the other problem , please visit here.

Hehe, I just found a plugin to display a tag cloud in wordpress blog, it looks nice. Download here.


  1. Download the zip file
  2. Unzip it to your wordpress plugin directory
  3. Activate it
  4. Put the widget somewhere into your sidebar