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import ​;
import​ android.os.Bundle;
import android.util.Log;

public ​class ​MainActivity ​extends ​Activity​{
​​​​String tag = “Events”;
​​​​​​​​Log.d(tag, “In the onCreate() event”);
​​​​public void onStart()
​​​​​​​​Log.d(tag, “In the onStart() event”);
​​​​public void onRestart()
​​​​​​​​Log.d(tag, “In the onRestart() event”);
​​​​public void onResume()
​​​​​​​​Log.d(tag, “In the onResume() event”);
​​​​public void onPause()
​​​​​​​​Log.d(tag, “In the onPause() event”);
​​​​public void onStop()
​​​​​​​​Log.d(tag, “In the onStop() event”);
​​​​public void onDestroy()
​​​​​​​​Log.d(tag, “In the onDestroy() event”);

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