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Category Archives: Ruby on Rails

Today, I have a research about Ruby on Rails, it’s take a time to research, resolve some problem when install ruby on rails. So, I list all steps necessary to set up without any error. Just follow it.

1. Download & install Ruby in C:\Ruby192

2. Download Gem

3. Download Rails

4. Download SQLite, if not you will see the error when start server 🙂

5. Copy Gem & Rails to folder C:\Ruby192, then extract all

6. Run command: “ruby setup.rb” & “gem install rails”

7.Run command to create web application: “rails new myapp” , it will create folder myapp in Gem folder

8. Run command to install require gem: “bundle install”

9. Extract SQLite and copy all extracted file to C:\Ruby192\bin

10. Run command: “cd myapp” & “rails server”

11. Open browser, and go to “http://localhost:3000”

Done. Hope you can easily setup your web app. 🙂