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Find out the new SEO Strategy that make Newbies Rank for Huge Keywords in Days

Are you currently:

  • Tired of doing a hundred works on your site and get nothing from it. No ranking and no money…
  • Think you can’t actually make money online so you’re almost ready to give up completetly
  • You followed other SEO courses to the letter, but had poor result.You can’t understand what you did wrong, and why no one will help you
  • Tired of throwing good money after trying bad to learn SEO
  • You’re feeling brain dead wrtiting long and long articles that you’re not even sure anyone wants to pay attention on – even GOOGLE

That’s ENOUGH ALREADY. It’s time for the NEW SEO STRATEGY. It’s called SEO OMEGA from Alex Cass & Alex Becker.

About Alex duo: If you’re doing SEO business, you should know about them.They are the experts when it comes to SEO. They rub shoulders with guys like Pat Flynn and Mike Long, they’re also featured on ProBlogger, Search Engine Journal and Performance Marketing Insider. They’re now living a lifestyle of their dreams (has a good car, travel around the world, and most importantly, teaching people everyday how to get the SAME RESULT as theirs)

If you want to know what they have done in SEO business, click here. I personally learnt a lot from them, you can take a look at their site:

Back to SEO OMEGA, It’a new brand KILLER STRATEGY that will be the answer for all SEO prayers. With it, you can

  • Be one of the few Elite that can get the SEO results right now
  • You won’t be confused anymore
  • Rant at your will (cool, isn’t it)
  • You will be able to sell your SEO for real Dollar
  • Stop worrying about the PENALTIES
  • Never has the brain dead from writing long crazy articles again (content doesn’t matter)
  • Beat Panda, Penguin and EMD all at once
  • And much more…

So what exactly will be in SEO Omega ? You’ll get

  • Module 1: Case studies
  • Module 2: The plan
  • Module 3: The NEW keyword research
  • Module 4: Site Design
  • Module 5: Instant Ranking Links
  • Module 6: Ensuring Long term Success
  • Module 7: Forcing Sites to the Top
  • BONUS Module 1: A-Z Monetization (brand new)
  • BONUS Module 2: Offline Mastery (blueprint to sell seo services and bank)
  • BONUS Module 3: TOP Secret SEO Omega Webinar (unrevealed content, questions answered, and advanced tactics)
  • BONUS Module 4: The SEO Omega Box Scraper (software to steal top links from your competitors)

It’s very cool, isn’t it. You can check it yourself. Even if you are unsatisfied with it for some reasons, you can still ask for a refund, you’ll lose nothing. Please find more information for this SEO STRATEGY on SEO OMEGA. Thank you for reading my article.

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1. Download & install msysgit

2. Create folder: DevTeam (this is working folder, other child folder will content source)

3. Right click and choose Git Gui

5. Choose Clone Existing Repository

6. Enter source location & target directory (is folder DevTeam/android), click Clone button

7. Enter password, it will ask password for several times, just input correct password.

8. Finish


To view history: right click on folder: choose Git History

To commit: choose menu Commit > Rescan, then click button Stage change, add comment, click Sign off, click Commit , click Push

To get source: choose menu Remote -> Fetch from …


1. Qui trình Loadrunner

LẬp kế hoạch -> tạo vuser script -> tạo kịch bản screnario -> chạy kịch bản đó -> monitor kịch bản-> phân tích kết quả

2. Phân tích app: xem có những thành phần gì (hardware, software, database, webserver, browser…), có bao nhiu user kết nối vào hệ thống, OS, …, có những model quan trọng nào để test, ai xài hệ thống, bao nhiu user common task, dữ liệu phân tán…

3. Xác định mục tiêu test

4. Lên kế hoạch test
– Xác định scope của thước đo performance (end to end, network response time, GUI response time, server response time, middleware to server respont time)
– Tạo vuser script , xác định transaction & rendezvous point (nhìu user thực hiện 1 hành động cùng 1 thời điểm)
– Chọn số lượng vuser, type
– Chọn hardware software


Automation programs are designed with users’ ease of use in mind, and hence the more simple they are, and the more they rely on graphics rather than commands, the better they are for a common user. vTask Studio is such an application that can automate most of the commonly performed tasks, and execute even some high-end commands as well to bring you automation in its real sense. What’s more, the program relies on a completely graphical user interface, hence no programming needed at all.


vTask Studio can handle all common tasks such as launching applications, mouse actions, loops etc, and even can handle advanced automation functions like checkpoints and database queries. However, what really makes this application different from other similar programs is features like image matching and integrated EXE compiler, which allow visual detection of images and automated compilation of executable files, respectively.

vtask studio

Some salient features of vTask Studio include:

XML File Format – allowing the program to use text-based XML files for its operations. Not only these can be easily modified with any text editor, they also provide transparency, i.e., you can view what instructions are being executed without looking for any specialized software. Plus, XMLs are easy to query.

EXE Complier – you can use any of your automation scripts and compile it as a Windows executable standalone program. This makes it possible to distribute your automation scripts to non-users of vTask Studio, all with no strings attached.

Image Recognition – vTask Studio contains advanced image matching and recognition algorithms allowing visual detection of on-screen images. This makes creating automation scripts for internet based activities even easier, since the program will recognize based on what is being displayed.

The program is mostly reliant on drag & drop actions, but a lot of keyboard shortcuts are also present to give you freedom to choose. Options menu contains tweaks for run time, key mapping, main grid view, colors and theming, logs and files, and some miscellaneous options.


vTask Studio is available for all versions of Windows, from 95 to Windows 7. It works with both x86 and x64 architectures.

Download vTask Studio


Editing documents’ styles written in markup language (HTML/XHTML, etc) is easy, once you get the hang of CSS language syntax. Even though understanding classes defined in CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is not difficult, still many users find it challenging to edit document styles and formatting defined in CSS file. Simple CSS is out to simplify the creation and modification of external CSS files. The application is written for both novices & advance users, since it display all the CSS classes in a sequence, web developers would find it useful in quickly locating the class to edit its attributes whereas beginners wont need to learn language syntax, as it offers pull-down menus for each type of style to define the respective attribute value.


With Simple CSS, you can either start off with a new project to create a CSS file right from the scratch or import an existing CSS file to change the styles and formatting. However, the real usage can be observed when you need to edit previously written CSS file – just import a CSS file, and start editing the CSS classes in the same order as they are called in respective HTML file.

The left sidebar contains all the classes of the CSS file, the main window contains extensive options to customize Text, Display, Borders, Dimensions defined in selected class. There are many pull-down menus available to let you easily change the attributes and to enter new values.

Simple CSS

To create a new CSS file, click New Project, enter appropriate name to start working on new CSS file. The application also enables user to create a duplicate file on the fly to keep original file safe. Once you’ve edited the CSS file, just click Export to save the file.

The application worked successfully while testing on our Windows 7 x86 system. It supports Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac.

Download Simple CSS


Copy the URL of the file from Rapidshare.

rapidshare file link

Now paste this URL in the under Links and click Add Link. Once all URLs have been added, click Start Download to begin downloading your files.

rapidshare auto downloader main window

You can select to Shut Down the computer once all downloads have completed. You can also change your download destination and schedule downloads. Another great feature is to scan your downloaded files with any anti-virus program.

rapidshare download complete message

Features include:

  • Download a group of links from rapidshare (one by one).
  • Download incomplete downloads until all links are downloaded.
  • Autoshutdown feature
  • Load and save the download list.
  • Check for new versions automatically.


Hehehe, this is the first time I apply SEO for my wordpress website, and it gave me the successful after 3 months.

Here is the result, it not much but it made me happy 🙂