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Vendor:    Mark Thompson
Product:    Keyword Organizer
Launch Date:    2013-09-03
Launch Time:    11:00 EDT
Price:    $27 (Lite version) – $37 (Pro version)
Bonus Offered: Yes





Keyword Organizer is a software application that helps you organize thousands of keywords, arrange your web articles, and plan out a content strategy for your website. You don’t need to worry about Google Keyword Tool now. This application will help you overcome all these obstacles and gain you wider reach, for your keyword niche. Please watch this video below.

Main features:
  • Easy to export data (to XLS or CSV files).
  • Write the articles using these keywords.
  • Assign these keywords to articles.
  • Gather a large list of keywords.
  • Select keywords for my website.
  • Easy to search within the data.

Here are some screen shot in the app.



  • A Peep into how this software works! This is what everyone would like to know. Remember, the real foundation of every website is a strong content that has relevant keywords and is SEO friendly. There are 4 videos precisely showing how Keyword Organizer collects a big keyword list, selects keywords, incorporates them in your articles and writes keyword specific articles. In addition to these videos, there are other videos showcasing the application’s ability to import, classify and export keywords (i.e. keyword management).
  • Works with WordPress! The uploaded video on the official site shows how this software effortlessly creates WordPress friendly documents. This is a great boon for bloggers like me, who are searching for ways to optimize their site.
  • Negative Keyword List! If you thought all the above methods is enough for a strong keyword-based content plan, then be prepared for some more. This innovative application not only uses data through the Google Keyword Tool but also effectively works with negative keyword list. This is a very good content technique that normally people do not apply and this is what I think is unique.
  • Strong Customer Service! Yes, in addition to providing all that you require to make your content strong and effectual, you get an excellent customer support. This is something I needed. There is nothing wrong in asking a query, when you are in doubt. Isn’t it?


Keyword Organizer is a brilliant application that has been TESTED and PROVEN to help you build keyword-based and SEO-friendly contents that will only optimize your website to the optimum. It is actually a very simple and the easiest way to enhance traffic to your site and grow your business.



Special Keyword Organizer Bonus

New CPA Lead

3 simple steps to claim this bonuses

  1. Get Keyword Organizer by Clicking here to get access now
  2. After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at:
  3. Chose bonus you want in your email and you will receive the bonus within 24 hours


*** Remember that you can get your money back 100% within 60 days of purchase if you feel not satisfied with it.

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