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Here is example step by step to create load test on MS Visual Studio 2010

From Test Project, choose menu Test > New Test > Load Test
1. Welcome screen Load Test display as

2. Name a scenario and choose Do not use think time

3. Enter the number of users to simulate load test

4. Choose test mix model

5. Add test exists

6. Choose Run settings, test iterations 10, Finish

7. Try to run, the error display: The load test results database could not be opened. Check that the load test results database specifies a database that contains the load test schema and that is currently available. For more information, see the Visual Studio help topic ‘About the load test result store’. The connection error was: An error occurred while attempting to create the load test results repository schema: To create the database ‘LoadTest2010’ your user account must have the either the SQL server ‘sysadmin’ role or both the ‘serveradmin’ and ‘dbcreator’ roles.

8. Update the storage type Database to None to fix that problem

9. Save and Run load test