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1. Elgg

Most powerful social networking engine for social applications ideal for schools, universities and business websites. It is FREE software. It is FREE software.

2. Buddypress

Out of box social networking solution based on WordPress for businesses, schools and other community sites. It is FREE software.

3. MyOwnSpace

Myownspace is a homemade social network script  similar to facebook and myspace. It is FREE and can be downloaded from sourceforge.

4. Around Me

A collaborative solution for social networking on the web. Its a free software and it enables you to create multiple groups or community and each group has access to individual social tools such as wall, blog, guestbook, forum, wiki and custom web pages.  People can connect using openID. It is free to download.


Maybe facebook has some errors today, I login with some account + multi browser (IE, FF, Chrome, Safari) but it not working. Just display a blank page like this.


Hehe, now, it’s working.