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This topic is useful with newbie of RobotFramework, I just apply it for my project, and it looks perfect.

Run Keyword: execute a user keyword, and stop all test if FAIL.

Run Keyword If: execute a keyword with IF condition, and stop all test if FAIL, this is very useful.

Run Keyword And Continue On Failure: execute a keyword, and continue always, don’t care if FAIL, but will stop if ERROR. Example, click on element, but element not exist. Error will display and the test will stop. If the keyword run FAIL, if will inform FAIL on command line, then continue run another testcase.

Run Keyword And Ignore Error: execute a keyword, and return result include information about PASS or FAIL, and what make it FAIL, then continue testcase. This is very useful when you want to know the keyword run success or not, then do something or generate your custom report.